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Thanks to Cold Dog I now have a nice easy to follow guide for getting your VFD up and running. While this was written with Noritake 2x24 models in mind, the general methods used can be applyed to any VFD you see on this site. So go check out How To Wire Your VFD

(BGMicro) IEE 03602-122 2x20 VFD
No current source of these displays is known, they were originaly avaible for the dirt cheap price of $20 at surplus components dealer BG Micro. Your best bet at obtaining one these days is through E-bay or the For Sale / Trade Forum at [H]ard|Forums. Be warned, they are VERY RARE.

Techdocs: IEE 03602-122 2x20 VFD.pdf (1.99m)

Rabid Hardware BG Micro VFD How-To
Setting Up Your BG Micro VFD

(Arkane1) IEE 03601-96 2x40 VFD
Originally sold by a guy named Arkane1, these seem to pop up on Ebay regularly.

Techdocs: IEE 03601-96 2x40 VFD.pdf (514k)

Wiring Guide:
Wiring Guide for IEE 03601-96 2x40 VFD

(Asmordean) Noritake CU20045SCPB-T23A 4x20 VFD
Information for these displays is provided as a service to the community, however Thinger does not support them at this time. You can usually find these on Ebay.

Techdocs (Model Specific, Condensed): Noritake_CU20045SCPB-T23A_4x20_VFD.pdf (72k)
Techdocs (Family Specific, Comprehensive): Noritake_CU20045SCPB-T28A_4x20_VFD.pdf (539k)

VFD Pinout:
Function Parallel Port Pin VFD Pin
Data 7 9 1
Data 6 8 2
Data 5 7 3
Data 4 6 4
Data 3 5 5
Data 2 4 6
Data 1 3 7
Data 0 2 8
WR 1 9
CS 16 10
None None 11
BUSY 11 12
Gnd Moldex Black 13
Gnd Moldex Black 14
+5v Moldex Red 15
+5v Moldex Red 16

(Cold Dog) Noritake CU24025ECPB-U1J 2x24 VFD
Originally found for the insane price of $3/ea at a surplus electronics dealer in very limited quantity, these sold out in under a month and no current source is known.

Techdocs: Noritake_CU24025ECPB-U1J_2x24_VFD.pdf (450k)

Wiring Guide: (Thanks to Cold Dog)
Wiring Guide for Noritake CU24025ECPB-U1J 2x24 VFD

VFD Pinout:
Function Parallel Port Pin VFD Pin
Gnd Moldex Black 1
+5v Moldex Red 2
None None 3
RS 16 4
R/W 14 5
E 1 6
Data 0 2 7
Data 1 3 8
Data 2 4 9
Data 3 5 10
Data 4 6 11
Data 5 7 12
Data 6 8 13
Data 7 9 14