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VFD Thinger written by Dan_Dude
Current Version: 3.11
Last Updated: 11/11/03
Price: FREE!

Latest version features 12 different modes: Ticker, Vertical Scroll, Code Cracker, Matrix, Clock, Winamp, Motherboard Monitor, Live Local Weather, Live Tides, Live [H]ard|News, Live Shacknews, and Event Countdown. Also gives you the ability to rotate between any possible combination of the above functions with intervals of your choosing. You can even set the VFD to automaticaly sleep and change functions at different times throught your day. Supports Software control of VFD brightness and also lets you use 3 different software controled brightness effects that are exclusive to VFD Thinger! Supports other software controled VFD functions including display sleep, display memory clear, and self dignostic test.

In order to use VFD Thinger you must first download either the install program or the barebones exe, If you are just upgrading then most of the time the new exe is all you need. First time users will want to download the Installer, upgraders can also use the Installer with no ill effects. In order to use the installer on older systems you may need to download winzip, linked to below. After opening the zip file just run setup.exe to install the program. Reguardless of which method of distrubution you choose, you MUST install the DL Port I/O driver to use VFD Thinger. This is only a one time occurance, later updates do not require you to reinstall this.

Download Locations:
Barebones EXE: (652k)
Full Installer (Recomended): (2.38m)
DL Port IO Driver (Required): (1.57m)

Winzip (For Installer):

VFD Thinger 3.11

VFD Models Supported
VFD Model IEE 03602-122 IEE 03601-96 Noritake
Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
Display Size 2x20 2x40 2x24 2x20 4x20
Interface Serial Parallel Parallel Serial Serial
Ticker Function X X X X X
Vertical Scroll Function X X X X X
Code Cracker Function X X X X X
Matrix Function X X X X X
Clock Function X X X X X
Winamp Function X X X X X
Motherboard Monitor Function X X X X X
Live Tides Function X X X X X
Live Local Weather Function X X X X X
Live [H]ard|News Function X X X X X
Live Shacknews Function X X X X X
Event Countdown Function X X X X X
Function Rotation X X X X X
Software Brightness Control 8 Levels 3 Levels 4 Levels 4 Levels 4 Levels
Sleep on Exit X X X X X
Display Sleep X X X X X
Hardware Dignostic Self-Test X
Display Memory Clear X X X X
Liquify Effect X
Knightrider Effect X
Glow Effect X X X X X